October 15th, 1997


Policemen, social workers and prominent public figures have been accused of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse in children's homes in North Wales.

The names of the alleged members of the ring have been given by witnesses in public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, but they have been suppressed by the tribunal's chairman, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, who has threatened the media with High Court proceedings if they print them.

The Guardian today publishes for the first time detailed evidence about the alleged ring, which is said to have been based in Wrexham, and to have infiltrated local children's homes over a 20 year period.

Witnesses claim that members of the ring used their connections with police and social services to conceal their activities. All of the accused have denied the allegations.

Those named to the tribunal include:

A man who bears the same surname as a prominent Conservative supporter. Two witnesses have told the tribunal of a rich and powerful man who belonged to the alleged ring.

The son of an influential peer who admitted to police that he had been having sex with an under-age boy from one of the homes. Despite his admission, he was never prosecuted.

A powerful public official who has previously been cleared of abuse. Six witnesses have given separate accounts to the tribunal of his alleged rape of young boys. Another has reported him attending parties in Wrexham which were supplied with boys from a children's home.

Two social workers and two police officers, one of whom was accused of abuse on four separate occasions and exonerated each time, another of whom has since been jailed in another part of the country for gross indecency with a child.

More than a dozen other local men, including an executive with a local authority, a senior probation officer and a director of a major company.

All those named as members of the alleged ring have denied the charges, either in evidence to the tribunal or through their lawyers.

When the tribunal was established last year, it had been assumed that the press could report its proceedings, using the laws of privilege which allow them to name names from court cases and public hearings without fear of libel actions.

However, Sir Ronald then ruled that the media could not report the name of any living person who was accused or likely to be accused of abusing children in the North Wales homes unless they had previously been convicted of such an offence.

Since then he has extended his ruling twice: he has granted anonymity to one man who died 16 years ago and to another who has twice been convicted of sexually assaulting boys from a North Wales home.

Sir Ronald has argued that his ruling will encourage alleged paedophiles to come froward and give honest evidence without fear of retribution. Critics say this is unnecessary, since he has the power to compel witnesses to attend, and that those who have come forward have done so to deny the allegations and not to make a clean breast of their alleged offences.

One lawyer who has been involved with the tribunal said he feared that the anonymity ruling was actively discouraging witnesses. "Newspaper readers may well have information of potential value to this tribunal. They may themselves have been the victims of abuse, or they may have worked with the alleged abusers. But if the press is not allowed to inform them of the names of those against whom allegations are made, they will not learn that their information is important. So they will not come forward."

The tribunal was ordered by the last Conservative Secretary of State for Wales, William Hague, after Clwyd county council decided not to publish the report of an independent inquiry into allegations of abuse in its children's homes. The tribunal, which has been hearing witnesses for eight months, is expected to continue to take evidence until January.
Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail, some years ago.

The magazine alleged that one of the men referred to is Lord McAlpine, at the time of the offences treasurer of the governing Conservative Party. Another regular participant in the activities at Bryn Clwyd was alleged by Scallywag to be Derek Laud, for years a leading mover and shaker in successive Conservative administrations.

Scallywag alleged that Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of the boys. The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards. He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher although never an MP, indeed he was pictured waving down to the crowds below from an upstairs window of 10 Downing Street as the Conservatives celebrated their 1987 election victory.

The former children connected with this empire of evil who died in mysterious circumstances may have been murdered by the British security services, the price of their silence their lives. Scallywag alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats etc to the North Wales homes, give them boys to "play" with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.

From the Scallywag website:

Derek Laud, now standing for parliament, (against Bernie Grant in North London) ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications for a number of years which supplied young boys for selected parliamentarians from children's homes now being investigated in North Wales. He sometimes did this in cahoots with Ian Greer Associates which has since been scandalised because of the Neil Hamilton Affair and payment for questions on behalf of Al Fayed.

Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into the "boys for questions" allegations. At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw paedophile parties and we have one sworn affidavit from a former boy (presently giving evidence in Wales) who claims he was seriously molested (among many others) by Lord McAlpine who was at the time the Tory party's clandestine fund raiser. It was alleged by this boy and others that Messrs Portillo and Lilley were also guests of Derek Laud. We are assured that this particular volcano is about to erupt, both in North Wales and elsewhere. Michael Portillo has always publicly disassociated himself from Derek Laud, yet here we find him not only acquainted but seemingly in the inner sanctum of private friends.
Over the last few years I have come across many stories about the paedophile activities of Lord Alistair McAlpine of the famous UK construction and road building family. I mention this in The Biggest Secret, and I am not the only one to indentify him far from it.

The British investigative magazine, Scallywag, has accused him several times of being involved in a paedophile ring (including his part in the child abuse scandal in North Wales) and also of masterminding the huge, multi-million pound money laundering operation behind the Tory party during the Thatcher years when he was her party treasurer.

Lord McAlpine is also active in Australia and further afield than just the United Kingdom.

I spoke to a member of a private investigative team working on the North Wales abuse story four years ago who said they had established that Lord McAlpine, a notorious paedophile to insiders, had been involved. They had spoken to some of those abused and they had named McAlpine.

An anonymous correspondent to a website also posted these allegations about McAlpine in October 1999 while the Waterhouse Inquiry into the North Wales abuse was still going on. Obviously I have no way of confirming the details at this time, except to say that it fits my own research very closely:

The above piece was written by David Icke.


(Former right hand man to M. Thatcher)

"This perverted, sick, twisted, SOB has been named time and time again in North Wales inquiries into child abuse, yet he still enjoys total freedom to abuse and kill young children (yes, that's right, kill children).

His sordid past is so depraved it beggars belief. There is a video tape hidden at the moment which shows him with two other child sexual abusers, torturing and raping young boys. The film was made in Wales. A very well known investigative programme was loaned a copy in order that the story could be revealed and the children could finally get some justice and some peace. What a pity the company decided not to run the story, even though one of the women who watched it admitted to having to leave the room to be sick after only a couple of minutes.

There is a lot more to the abuse side of this case, but as I am still investigating this I cannot reveal anymore at this time. However, I would like to know what happened to almost 20 million pounds of Conservative Party funds which I understand are still in an offshore account controlled by him and former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. I would also like to ask the former Prime Minister why she stood up for McAlpine when information was passed to her by the security services in relation to McAlpine, and it was only after a large amount of pressure was put on her that she removed him from his post before information leaked out.

For all that she may have been the best Prime Minister this country has had for a very long time, she has let every child in this country down so badly for the sake of the party and that she can never be forgiven.
Lord McAlpine

Former treasurer of the Conservative party.

He is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then simulates burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin. The child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. This information from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times, but he is too well protected to get him.


It was recently revealed by Leo Abse - Cardiff lawyer, former long-time member of parliament, and often laughable "psychoanalyst of politicians" - that former House of Commons Speaker George Thomas was secretly gay. In itself this would be of little or no interest, but the information is not offered "in itself". Abse describes how he helped Thomas out of a few scrapes, apparently in battles against "blackmailers". He describes three sets of events that are especially interesting.The first is when he used his connections among Cardiff police officers and gangsters to threaten one young male with whom Thomas had dealt. Abse boasts of how he threatened that if the young male did not shut up, he would make sure that he would get him jailed for 10 years.The second is another young male, who Abse says he paid off in the sum of 800 pounds on Thomas's behalf, apparently so that the young male could emigrate to Australia. Abse says he doesn't know what happened to him.The third is the way in which Abse played a role in diverting attention from Thomas's role in the Jeremy Thorpe affair.

Jeremy Thorpe was a leader of the Liberal Party who used to pick up young males wherever he could, including many minors. The case of one of the minors with whom he dealt was in danger of blowing up into a British Watergate, and several journalists were investigating Thomas's role in covering up for Thorpe when he was a junior minister at the Home Office. Many journalists knew that the scandal was potentially much bigger than just a case of a gay party leader. Thorpe was later arrested and charged with arranging and paying for the murder of Norman Scott, a man with whom he had been associated and who was making some of the public revelations. Thorpe, himself a lawyer, was as guilty as hell, but managed to be found not guilty. Fortunately for Scott the operation was spooked and Scott was not murdered. With regard to the minor (who was not Norman Scott), Abse advised Thomas to put his brigadier secretary onto the case. Thomas's brigadier managed to mislead the journalists.

There are also connections through Cardiff and the Welsh 'State mafia' (including senior officials in the Wales-based quangos which tend to be run by a very small number of families, as well as their associates in London-based ministries) with the massive cover-up which has veiled the children's homes scandal in Wales. This too involved not only the long-term and organised sexual abuse of children, including by powerful figures such as Conservative industrialist Lord McAlpine, but also a number of murders. Some of the murders took place after the children had reached the age of majority and left the homes. Word got around who the diminutive upper-class abuser was who used to do the rounds of the homes, raping children, and then getting driven off in a chauffeur-driven limousine to his hotel. Across Wales and in places with large Welsh populations such as Bristol and Liverpool, the milieus of people who were once in children's homes, many of whom live extremely disadvantaged lives and have been in and out of homelessness and prison, the crimes of Lord McAlpine are well-known. It is also well-known that not only have many of his victims died since they left the homes in "suspicious circumstances", but also that several died in suspicious circumstances when they were in the homes. The latter were taken away around the time of Lord McAlpine's visits and never seen again.

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June 6, 1996, The Guardian, 'True scandal of the child abusers'.

From East Belfast's Kincora Boys' Home, via Leicestershire, Staffordshire and London, to the children's homes of Clwyd, we have witnessed 25 years of cover-up. Cover-up, not to protect the innocent but to protect the regularly named elements of the British establishment who surface whenever widespread evidence of child abuse is exposed.

From the public schools right through to the Catholic and Anglican churches, child abuse has been allowed a special place of sanctuary... Social workers, police, security services, local and national political figures remain the common factors in the fall-out from the [child abuse] inquiries...

In case after case the cycle is described - a child is 'taken into care', then abused in a home, handed on to an outside paedophile ring and out on to the rent-boy/prostitution circuit beyond, if they live that long... Journalists find themselves battling first with authority, then with the libel laws, to publish the truth about a vast web of abuse.


"The Times" - 31 October 1999: - from John Harlow, Social Affairs Editor - additional reporting Zoe Brennan and Simon Trump :-

"Paedophile inquiry ... Several public figures ... in a paedophile ring, including leading politicians, aristocrats and senior policemen" and - "Such is the sensitivity of the document that the only copy is due to be placed in a strong room at the Cabinet Office"

 Jill Dando

Some people think that there could also be a connection between Jill Dando's murder and the care home scandals.

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Stephen Milligan

It was alleged at the time by Scallywag magazine that Stephen Milligan was originally approached by the security services to attempt to dissuade a well-known footballer coming towards the end of his career from continuing to hawk his story of gay sex sessions with two then serving cabinet ministers around Fleet Street. Milligan was a well respected MP and  part time journalist. Milligan allegedly approached the footballer who was not prepared to drop his attempts to sell the story. Milligan allegedly reported back to the security services who informed Milligan that unless the footballer did keep matters quiet he would be eliminated. Apparently there was more to the story than simply the gay sex aspect, the introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by a third party who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring. The implication was that the cabinet ministers may also have been involved with the paedophile ring although this was not confirmed in the Scallywag report, however it was very clearly hinted at. It was allegedly decided by the security services that the potential damage to the British Constitution if the story got out was so great that it would not only bring down the government but could also destablise the entire concept of parliamentary democracy. The cabinet ministers involved were very high profile indeed and the alleged paedophile link, if revealed, would have had a catastrophic effect on not only public confidence in domestic government but would have had repercussions on the image of Britain right around the world. When Milligan realised that the threat to murder the footballer was in fact serious, he allegedly panicked. He had not realised that he was being dragged into something with such serious implications and, being an extremely moral and decent man, it wasn't something he was prepared to be involved with or to go along with. He allegedly made one more unsuccessful attempt to convince the footballer to back down, even warning the footballer that his life was in danger. The footballer didn't believe that this sort of thing could go on in modern day Britain and continued to attempt to sell the story, which no editor to that date had been brave enough to publish. Milligan was allegedly informed by the security services that, his efforts at dissuasion having failed, the footballer would be killed with his death being made to look like an accident. Milligan then allegedly threatened the security services that  if anything happened, he would tell the whole story to The Sunday Times. Shortly afterwards Stephen Milligan died, having apparently hanged himself and being found with a satsuma in his mouth. He had no previous history of kinky or unusual sexual practices whatsoever and, despite their utmost efforts to do so, the national press were unable to find any evidence whatsoever that he had anything other than an extremely conventional sex life. Indeed, it was generally reported that sex and sexuality appeared not to have played a significant part in his life at all. The footballer was allegedly approached directly after Milligan's death by the security services and, now realising that they had been prepared to kill a sitting MP to keep the story quiet, realised for the first time that his life was in danger.  He allegedly accepted a sum of money in return for his silence.

 Perceptions: Law or justice?

Senior criminal perverts recently caught in Britain were a paedophile English High Court judge, paedophile senior English diplomat, paedophile prison governor and paedophile elite school chaplain. The first two were caught by junior policemen and junior customs officers, in trawl operations out of reach of control by senior officers. The paedophile High Court judge walked out of court unpunished. - not even held in custody. His crimes were dismissed - by a fellow High Court judge. We speculate that the creation of the CPS has since protected elite paedophiles from prosecution. [Crown Prosecution Service staffed by LAWYERS, to oversee and limit police prosecutions]

Do we now see the elite - acting through senior judges - moving to shackle Customs officers - to protect VIP criminal perverts?

9 June 2000 - English judges demand that Customs officers be prevented from prosecuting paedophiles! "Perceptions" speculates that if the prosecution decision is left to CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) ie. LAWYERS) - then paedophile diplomats and judges will be completely safe again. [The lawyers' in the CPS do not encourage the prosecution of judges - not even child-molesting judges]

From "The Independent" legal section - 9 June 2000 :- QUOTE "Yesterday the Attorney General, Lord Williams of Mostyn, ordered a review of the role of Customs and Excise." UNQUOTE

'Customs' Note :- OUTCOMES SHOW PAEDOPHILES ARE COMMON IN AUTHORITY ELITES: JUDGES, SENIOR LAWYERS, CHURCHMEN, STATE-SECURITY, POLITICIANS, POLICE & MAGISTRATES the only likely success in catching paedophiles is by way of international liaison & Customs operations. We believe this explains the ongoing conspiracy in legal, political and (some) media circles to discredit HM Customs and to deprive them of powers of investigation & prosecution.

UPDATE 2001/2 - several high profile trials on charges brought by HM Customs have mysteriously "collapsed" in court - thereby allowing judges to give Customs officers a bad name in Government circles (although probably the bad decisions were made by lawyers then blamed on Customs officers). [Government and parliament is heavily polluted with barristers and other legal types who, as a group are likely to share the predilections of certain judges]

"Perceptions" 'CPS' note :- Analysis of CPS outcomes show they choose to limit their sex-prosecutions to "disturbed" working-class offenders damaged by paedophile abuse by "authority": protected VIPs. Majority of possible prosecutions against primary offenders - elite paedophiles - are suppressed by CPS. Conclusion:- virulent & powerful paedophile organization is protected & kept alive in Britain by corruption at senior level within Home Office, judiciary & CPS.
A Webmaster's comments with regards to a case in Australia.

Again we, the human population of the Earth discover that someone who we have charged with the responsibility of caring for the welfare of our society and its members is a cohort of evil. Don't tell me that the right horrible Peter Liddy during his 25 years on the bench has never sat in judgement over defendants who knew perfectly well what Peter Liddy was and is. There should be an urgent review of all of the cases Liddy was involved with. There should also be an investigation into the other magistrates who sided with him in any cases involving paedophiles or in instances where the judgements were in any way suspicious. This in no way infers that all of the other magistrates are corrupt but the possibility exists that some are. Liddy's severe, but justified sentence suggests to me that he may have kept his mouth shut. He would inevitably know other paedophiles. Who are they? How many are there? Every effort must be made to locate them and remove them from society. When psychlogist, Dr Michele Elliott interviewed convicted paedophiles for a 1995 study she discovered that almost 25% of them admitted to abusing between 10 and 40 victims. Who else's innocence has the revolting Liddy's corrupt and beastly behaviour destroyed? What other monsters stalk our precious children, protected by these 'old boys' networks that have infiltrated so deeply into the legal system? Time and again victims report the names of prominent persons yet these perpetrators are still free. Many frequently appear on television programmes and in newspapers haunting their victims and thereby emphasising their sense of futility should they dare to seek protection or legal justice. Among them there is Lord McAlpine who was 'advised' to leave Western Australia and Arthur C Clarke who even though he admitted to his perverted passions was still knighted. It seems that there are so many 'sworded' paedophiles that perhaps we should consider replacing their titles with a separate dis-honour just for them, Shites of the kinder-Garter-n. At least then people would see these viperous chameleons' true colours.